Monday, 29 March 2010


Amongst the many things that we discussed last week at RNLI Headquaters, Paul Boissier and I talked at length about the heritage of the RNLI and what it means for us and the institution. He used the expression 'Lifeboat DNA' which I liked very much.

In Paul's view it is vital that the RNLI is not seen as merely a 'Victorian' institution which dwells entirely on it's past and fails to move forwards. Equally, he recognises that it is the very history of the RNLI and the reputation that this has created which gives it such high recognition and levels of support on the streets of our nation.

In his opinion it is essential to recognise exactly what it is that is fundamental to the lifeboat DNA and build upon this strength in a balanced way.

Part of this is keeping hold of the history of the Institution and re-telling the stories of past deeds in a meaningful and respectful way.

Another part is to embrace new technology and move with the times in a way which strengthens and improves the service that we provide around the coast.

Ultimately this has been what the RNLI has always done and thankfully our new Boss recognises this and is determined for it to continue.

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