Tuesday, 23 March 2010

In safe hands

I had the very real pleasure today of meeting the new CEO of the RNLI, Paul Boissier (who I nearly but not quite met in January). Kindly Paul gave up some of his time for a chat about his role and the state of the RNLI as he has found it.

What quickly became apparent was how impressed he is with what he has found from speaking with both the Crews, fundraisers and employees that he has met...but also, and I think very importantly, how keen he is to continue to build upon the RNLI's heritage and also it's reputation for innovating and providing a world leading rescue service.

It was clear from what he had to say that he recognises that he has inherited a truly treasured national institution and that he is looking forward with enthusiasm to spending the next decade of his life ensuring that he can pass it on in even better health than it is at the moment.

I hope to have some more photos and possibly even some audio from the meeting in the next day or two, so watch this space.

In the meantime, thanks Paul for your time and welcome aboard!

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