Sunday, 31 May 2009

Urgent...please vote!

You know. There have been all sort of exciting things happening here at Swanage Lifeboat over the last few days but I can't concentrate on blogging becuse we are no longer leading the Dorset Muesli Competition. If you are reading this and haven't recently voted (from what I can work out you can vote more than once), please do so. You'll make me a very happy man.

Of course, if I win, I will be very happy to reward you for your vote with an invitation to breakfast at my house to share the spoils (I leave for work at 7.15 each morning).

The picture by the way was taken this evening at Becky's parents house where many of the crew met up for a BBQ. A great evening...thanks Haddock!

Remember...please vote Lifeboat Scrapbook!


Raggy Rat said...

well done, you made it, i hope its a good breakfast - they wont send any bacon sarnies of course!
would love trade blog links with you, i am a weymouth person and i also blog for our community choir too ...
will you vote for my blog for june?
go, lifeboat men ! XXXXXXX

Mike said...

Can be there for breakfast at 6am, no problem!

Fee said...

Well, I went along and voted. Couldn't make breakfast, though. I have to be at work at 7am and Edinburgh to Swanage is a bit of a trek for a plate of cornflakes!