Thursday, 21 May 2009

On the rocks

So last night's exercise was a pretty busy one. Martin took the ALB with an experienced crew with the aim of running through a few medical type scenarios which involved extraction from the rocks at the base of the cliffs. On the way we did a few navigation exercises and seamanship drills (also known as laying the course for the Swanage Sea Rowing Club gig racing regatta this weekend)! Then got stuck into the guts of the exercise.

Steve rowed Becky ashore in the X-boat to act as our casualty. In the absence of the ILB the X-boat is our primary method of getting people to and from the shore in good weather. Once ashore, the X-boat party become known as 'Lifeboat X-ray' and that is used as their call sign.

We normally send it in with a line attached so that we can pull it back out to the lifeboat with casualties aboard.

Last night we had one of the First Aid MTU training staff with us for a familiarisation exercise so she also went ashore in order for her to better understand what we are trying to achieve and the context in which we are trying to do it.

Once all that was done the ILB arrived and landed some of the larger bits of kit like the main first aid kit, Oxygen and the basket stretcher.

Everything seemed to work well so on completion we packed everything up and returned to station ready for a quick pint in the Ship.

Well, you're the kinda guy
Who needs attention around the clock
Well you can't even talk
'Cause baby, it's on the rocks
Yeah, it's on the rocks

(The Donnas - It's on the rocks)

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