Thursday, 14 May 2009

Bike to work

Regular readers will be aware that I am a keen cyclist. So the sight which greeted me at the boathouse last Sunday warmed the cockles of my heart. I counted no fewer than 8 bicycles lent against various walls of the boathouse having been used by crewmembers to get down to the boathouse. Of course, they were all hideously expensive sports machines rather than 'proper' transport bikes which I prefer for this sort of journey, however, they were being used for transport all the same.

Perhaps it's time that we thought about some sort of bike rack or parking area?

Sadly I wasn't one of those on a bike as I am between 'pub' bikes at the moment. My last one met with a rather untimely end and pickings up at the tip have been rather sparse of late. Indeed, so desperate am I getting that I am considering actually parting with money and getting one of these as a round town load hauling machine. I figure I could get all the shopping and both of the kids on the deck at the back. What do you recon?!

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