Monday, 25 May 2009

Going round in circles

So the busy weekend we were all fearing turned up. Just as many of us were getting into bed on Sunday night (and quite a few others were settling in for a night of Karaoke), our pagers alerted us to the need for our services.

There followed a rather bizarre incident which involved both boats and turned out to have been a rather unfortunate 'domestic' incident necessitated us taking two policemen to sea with us. In due course both casualties were treated for their injuries, one was landed in Studland to an ambulance and the other returned with us to Swanage. Hopefully the morning brought everyone to their senses and normal service has resumed...

Then this morning, just as many of us were trying to catch up on some much needed sleep we were called for again, this time to a y44 foot long yacht 6 miles South East of Peveril Point with steering failure. Once on scene Steve and I jumped aboard to rig a tow and try to resolve the difficulties with the steering.

Once set up we towed the vessel in the shelter of Studland bay where with the help of the crew of the vessel, got the difficulties with the steering sorted.

As we were unlucky enough to miss breakfast at home we were very grateful for the offer of bacon sarnies aboard the casualty vessel...very good they were too!

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