Friday, 30 January 2009

Sample our Sponges

Well today is RNLI SOS day.

Keen to support this, my year group at school have been busy raising awareness by giving an assembly and raising funds by baking and selling cakes. And they did very well too. They raised over £200 selling their home made wares during breaktime. In addition, several young people stopped me today just to let me know that they have decided that they want to be a lifeboatman when they grow up! How about that.

So well done Dumpton Year 8 (it's a long time since I've witnessed such strong armed selling tactics) and well done to all of the other pupils who remembered to bring some money.

(Thanks to Tyneside college students for the image)


Unknown said...

Hi John, well done to your school, my son Archie made some cakes for his year 2 group at Crossdale Primary and sold them raising £22, 3 pairs of gloves.There was a complete buzz about lifeboats at the end of school with the class drawing lots of lifeboat pictures and the whole school had a lifeboat assembly,set the seed for next year now.Not bad for landlocked Nottingham.take care simon

lifeboatjohn said...

Well done Archie and Year 2 of Crossdale Primary!

It's great seeing so many youngsters getting fired up about lifeboats..and to think it's been happening all around the country today!

Anonymous said...

Hi John
Well done to your year group! and as Simon stated it also highlights the great work of the RNLI to our next generation!
We send RNLI virtual gifts to friends for Birthday/Christmas
All the best to you all and hope SOS was a great sucess
ps snow forecast for landlocked Midlands!
Best Wishes

lifeboatjohn said...

It was a great day Joan and I'm really proud of the kids. I'm looking forward to finding out how much has been raised nationally.

All the best


Anonymous said...

Hi John
Just 2 say its snowin well up here in the midlands, altho where our son is working in Minehead, (hes a lifeguard for large holiday centre) they only had light snow shower! hope u faring well in Poole?
keep warm

Anonymous said...

Ps John i meant Swanage not Poole, Sorry!