Monday, 19 January 2009

Deja vu (that's French for 'already seen' Matt)

Remember the Ice Prince last year? Well, almost a year to the day since that happened another 1,500 Tonnes of timber has been lost this time from a Russian ship at about 8am this morning in heavy seas in the English Channel. According to Coastguards it is expected to wash ashore near Brighton later today.

The vessel has a pretty serious 10 degree list to one side but I understand that it is in a relatively stable position to the south of the Isle of Wight. Lets hope that the 25 poor souls onboard are safe and well and remain so.

(Thanks to the Graudian online for the photo)


Unknown said...

Hi John, no blue Mondays here, just prepping for my second RNLI education presentation at a Nottinghamshire Primary School. Looking forward to it, with a little apprehension, taking along a D class would be good, but not many around these parts!!! Take care Simon

Anonymous said...

Better pictures, taken from their Severn Class [17-21 David and Elizabeth Acland] on the Newhaven boats callout page.


Anonymous said...

This link leads to a MAIB study into shifts of timber cargo that may help people understand such incidents and their risks. I don't know how to make it an active link: