Friday, 16 January 2009

Chesley B Sullenberger III

might look like my Grandfather but he sure can handle a bird...he's my new hero!

A mixture of his training, quick thinking, skill and calm determination yesterday averted a significant catastrophe in New York city. I know that this story is all over the web but I just wanted to add my voice to those that are heaping praise on this brave fellow. Backed up by a quick witted and brave team onboard the aircraft and rapid reactions from the various water taxis and other boats, all the passengers were removed from the stricken aircraft in a pretty short time scale. 'Sully' (as Chesley B Sullenberger III is apparently known) then calmly walked the interior length of the plane twice to double check that all were off before making his exit...wing right.



bonnie said...

Oh, I KNEW you were going to love that! So incredible. I actually tried to leave a comment with a link to the NY news that was carrying the first stories yesterday, because I thought "hey, that lifeboat blogger has to see this, if he hasn't already", but the firewalls at work don't like certain comment forms.

lifeboatjohn said...

Great story worries about the link, I think we got the news pretty much as it happened. Amazing!

All the best


haddock said...

now that would have been an interesting shout for you had it been in Swanage Bay....
Has a lifeboat ever been out to a Flying boat or seaplane ?.... they used to operate from Poole Harbour.