Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Are we enjoying this?

I mentioned that Sunday was a bit rough. Whenever the weather is like this and it coincides with rougher than average weather, we tend to change our plans and have what we call a 'rough weather' exercise. In these situations we batten down the hatches, take an experienced crew but with the addition of a few youngsters, and go out to sea towards St Alban's head where the roughest water will be.

Then slow time we run through some drills which can only be practised in rougher water. We have plenty of 'man overboards'; these give crew members a chance to get used to searching for small things in rough water and then maneuvering about on deck when it is pitching and rolling. Each crewmember will get a chance to drive the boat both up-sea and down-sea to get a chance to develop a feel for how she handles in rougher weather and how to adapt your helming style so as to make progress while keeping the crew safe and comfortable.

We will then also practise using the drogue in realistic conditions and also practise
using the breasting lines when recovering the boat onto the slipway.

On Sunday, we did all of this and more. And it went well. The crew coped with the extra demands and most of them seemed to positively enjoy it. And that is the truth of the matter...once you've been on the crew for a while you begin to relish a bit of rougher than average weather. John here certainly seemed to be loving every moment of it (in any case, he's one of those people who lives life for the moment and enjoys it come what may).

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Mart said...

HI john. If you are still after questions. What are the drogues and breasting lines?

Glad you enjoyed the exercise