Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Snowed under

So it's snowed.

For once Swanage got some too which certainly made for fun. Most Swanage schools were still open but my place of work was shut for the day yesterday...shame!

Of course, I began the day with good intentions of getting up to date with marking and planning but that lasted all of 10 minutes before I got tempted out for a snowball fight.

Lifeboat wise all was normal. The boatpark was snowy and thus travel to the boathouse was dicey in a car...however, between us we have a higher than average number of 4x4s so realistically our response to a call on our services will have been unaffected.

Skid...full of excitement has headed North to Newcastle to join HMS Ark Royal. Last I heard he was still alongside and that they had been delayed sailing. I guess by now he is steaming down the north sea and enjoying the spectacle of flying from the deck of a carrier. Enjoy every moment mate.

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Solent Sea kayak said...

Ah! Good to see another teacher with all good intentions of marking and planning thwarted by the lure of snowball fights :-)