Monday, 5 January 2009

A day of three parts

Yesterday both boats exercised at 9.30. Being the first exercise of the New Year this was very much a dusting off of the cobwebs and a chance to get back into the groove ready for another year in the life of Swanage Lifeboat. Little did we know that the year was about to kick off with a bang. Just as the ALB was being backed onto the slipway and the first lines re-attached the call came for the boat to head out to sea to assist a charter fishing boat with a sick passenger. It turned out that the bat in question was our very own Tom Greasty's boat San Gina.

Not surprisingly he dealt with the situation in a very cool, calm and professional fashion.

Two crew members (Gav and Matt) were put on board the vessel with a first aid kit and oxygen and Tom headed back into the pier to meet the ambulance. In pretty short order the job was done and the lifeboat returned to station to re-house.

And then later in the day, just as most of us were tucking into our Sunday roasts our pagers went off again. This time it was to search for a woman who had been seen entering the sea near ocean Bay but had not been seen coming out again (it was dark by this time). Naturally, because of the cold and darkness, Portland called out all assets; both lifeboats, Rescue 106, CG shore based teams, the police and the police helicopter. Luckily (and I say luckily because if the woman had been still in the water she would have been lucky to survive even the length of time it took us to get out there and search) the police found the lady at home fit and well.

I wonder if this is an indication of what the new year will bring?

(Photos from the boat camera - photographer not known)

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