Friday, 31 October 2008

We've got the decorators in

Our periodic boathouse upkeep and maintenance is now underway. We have a team of lads with us for about 4 weeks and they will mainly be repainting and touching up everything which is painted or varnished. At the moment the boathouse resembles a war zone with scaffolding, paint pots, ladders, tools, filler and undercoat everywhere. No doubt in time it will begin to look shiny and new again!

In the meantime we are treading carefully and taking care not to touch anything for fear of getting covered in paint.


Mart said...

Talking of upkeep and what not John, how old is your boathouse, and whats the lifeboat history of the area? How many different classes of lifeboat have been launched from the current boat house. Has the lifeboat always been slipway launched?

lifeboatjohn said...

Right...that'll keep me busy next week!

Mart said...

Ha ha sorry John :o)

By the way completely unrelated have you 'tweaked' the word verification? Last comment was something like grumpi and this one is silypo!!

ah well I am amused by simple things I guess!