Sunday, 26 October 2008

Coastal passage making

isn't always as straight forwards as it seems. Yesterday the ALB was called upon to assist a 28’ motor cruiser with 5 persons on board including an 89 year old man who had fallen and was suffering from seasickness. Portland were worried about the man’s condition and weren't able to get a clear position from the boat’s crew (possibly near Old Harry). They requested Swanage Coastguard, Rescue Helicopter 106 and Swanage Lifeboat to attend. Swanage Coastguard were soon at Old Harry and confirmed that a boat the Lifeboat was tracking on radar matched the vessel’s description.

Once alongside, Gav was put onboard to assess the man’s condition. After a comprehensive assessment he concluded that the best thing was for the man to remain on board and get picked up by paramedics at Sandbanks. Both boats set off via the East Looe channel and arrived at the landing steps about 20 minutes after first arriving on scene. The man was transferred to a waiting ambulance along with one of the motor boats crew. The remaining crew continued their passage and the ALB was released to return to station.

Thanks to the station website for most of the details here

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