Tuesday, 28 October 2008


Thanks to Richard Bell for these questions:

Whats the weirdest situation/place that your pager has gone off (that's publishable)? How difficult is it to get up and out of bed in the early hours on a winters day?

Taking one at a time:

Probably the funniest time that my pager has gone off was mid haircut. At the time I had longer hair up top and cropped hair on the sides. My hairdresser had just cropped the sides very short as my pager went off. I ran out the door looking like some dodgy 1980's pop star with a really nasty step in my hair. I then spent about 4hours sat on the casualty vessel while we towed it getting some very funny looks. Annoyingly it was some days before I managed to go back and get the job finished!

Then there was the time I was 3/4 of the way through packing my weekly shopping at the till in the Co-Op. The checkout staff wasn't particularly impressed when I walked out leaving it all there for them to deal with.

There was also the occasion when I had a queue of a dozen parents waiting to see me at a parents evening at school. Not funny more awkward...

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Mart said...

Ha - now did you bribe someone to get paged during parents evening? ;o) Lol