Monday, 27 October 2008

Bravo Zulu...

This message has just been left in the guestbook section of our website. I've said it before, we pretty rarely receive thanks like this but it is hugely appreciated when we do.

Message: Message to Gavin and the Crew who rescued us today off Harry Rocks in our 29ft Cruiser Esprit.

Guys just to say a huge thank you - we have just arrived home all safe and sound thanks to you. Dad, Harry (aged 79) has been released from hospital this evening having undergone many tests. Nothing conclusive except an irregular heartbeat which will be monitored together with his recently changed medication being looked into as they feel this could have been the cause of his illness today.

We feel totally indebted to you guys - you do an amazing job and cannot speak highly enough of what you did for us today. Having been boating in excess of 10 years we would never have expected to have to use your services -you were great.

We would like to make a donation to the RNLI and would appreciate you letting us know how to do so.

Thanks again - cannot stop saying thank you - it must also be mentioned that John the Operator was amazing he kept us in control of the situation until you arrived and gave us huge confidence for the safety of all.

Cheers again guys - sorry Gavin if we ruined your lunch!! not sure this is what we interrupted but if it was we owe you one.

Karen & Gary

By the way...I happen to know that it wasn't his lunch which Gav had interrupted!!

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Anonymous said...

Nice to see you guys receiving thanks as always! Carrying on from interruptions... If your still doing questions... Whats the weirdest situation/place that your pager has gone off(that's publishable)? How difficult is it to get up and out of bed in the early hours on a winters day?