Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Virtually life

This mornings 'pause for thought' on radio 2 touched on the theme of our virtual lives and questioned whether we were in danger of putting too much store in our virtual 'on-line' lives at the expense of our very real 'off-line' lives. Of course the answer is all in balance...gaining a sufficiency but knowing when to stop. Like most things in life I guess?

Coincidentally I received an e-mail this morning from Nigel Saxon (e-media manager for the RNLI) confirming that it was indeed Rob driving the Tamar in the YouTube clip yesterday and pointing out that there are many more online with our crew taking starring roles! Try this one:

He also let me know that he is working on completing a new RNLI application for Facebook. If I remember rightly the idea is that you create a virtual crew using your Facebook friends. It sounds very exciting and will no doubt be a great way of engaging with young people. More details when Nigel lets me have them...

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