Tuesday, 16 June 2009

On the pull

We are all lifelong learners nowadays...at least that's what our government tells us. So last night practise got underway for this summers RNLI Gig racing challenge. Martin and Karina (Mrs Coxswain) took charge and introduced a select group of novice/beginner lifeboatcrew to the pleasures of Gig rowing. Actually, to be honest, Martin just sat there along with the rest of us and did exactly as he was told by Katrina. It quickly became clear that I was being given an opportunity to learn first hand from a veritable Yoda (this comparison does not apply in respect of Karina's looks, stature, posture or comlexion) of man management teaching...

One thing quickly became apparent. When Karina is in charge, she knows exactly what she wants doing, is very capable of putting those expectations across, and woe betide anyone who doesn't do as they are told!It was certainly a pleasure to witness Martin relegated to sitting up at the front of the boat with a rope in his hand.
He was even spotted doing a bit of manual labour.

And afterwards we enjoyed a very pleasant cup of tea at the pierhead courtesy of Jill (Ty's Mum).

All good fun...

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