Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Forgotten shout

In the rush to reach the weekend I completely forgot to add the details of last Friday's shout. The Alb was launched to got to the assistance of a 50' Fairline motor cruiser which thought they might have struck an underwater object and damaged their sterngear.
Here is a copy of the report from our station website:

The cruiser had earlier radioed in to say that they had lost drive on one engine possibly caused by hitting an underwater object. They were returning home on one engine when they started to smell burning coming from the engine room, there also seemed to be water in the bilges. Portland Coastguard immediately requested the launch of Swanage's All Weather Lifeboat and vessels in the area were asked to make their way to the cruiser. The lifeboat launched and headed to the casualty's position, 6Nm East of Durlston Head. The salvage pump was made ready just in case. Once on scene station mechanic, Dave Turnbull, was put aboard to assess the situation. He was able to confirm that the boat was taking in a small amount of water through the shaft seal due to catastrophic failure of the shaft coupling. A tow line was connected and the slow tow back to Poole commenced.
The speed was kept to 3 knots as the damaged shaft was overheating and could damage its seal further causing more water to leak in. Once outside Salterns Marina a crew from the yard came aboard and took the boat in tow so she could be lifted straight out of the water. The lifeboat was then free to return to Swanage.

(Photos are from the boats camera - photographer unknown)

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