Monday, 29 June 2009

Busy but quiet

So it was a quiet lifeboating weekend. Though the weather was good, and there were plenty of people about on the water, they all managed to keep themselves safe and avoid calling upon our services.

Making good use of this lull a group of us took to the water on Sunday morning for a spot of wakeboarding/kneeboarding and waterskiing. And good it was too!
Nick got up first go on a wakeboard...well done mate

John Mono-skied and carved up some huge turns.

Dee was looking good and got some small air under her board.

And, doing her bit for the tourist board took in the sight of Tenacious which was visiting.

Daz was also looking good and getting some good air.

A fun morning, thanks John for the boat.


Mart said...

Ever tempted to try and go water skiing behind the mersey? :o) lol

Nick Marlow said...

Why didn't you use the photo of me jumping? Great fun, thanks :-)Nick