Friday, 19 June 2009

Even after all...

It is not uncommon during an exercise to use a vast amount of the kit that we carry onboard. The list of equipment which we get out might include the 'x-boat', first aid kits, stretcher, emergency steering, salvage pump, drogue, tow rope etc etc. Once back in the boathouse much of this can be re-packed and stowed away for next time. However, a lot of it needs to be dried off first. Consequently, the morning after an exercise, the boat looks a little bit like a gypsy camp with the boat festooned with kit waiting to dry. If we subsequently get a shout there is bit of a scramble to return all of the kit to its proper stowage before we launch. Otherwise Dave will do it over the course of the next day or two as and when the kit drys.

Even after all
You just survive soldier
And your soul is beautiful
And your soul is good
Ride on and turn the people on

(Even after all - Finlay Quaye)

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