Thursday, 11 June 2009

Not for the faint hearted!

It was a good exercise last night. Dan and Tom set up a fishing boat based scenario which involved 3 injured and 1 missing crewmembers. Both boats dealt with it and did a fair job of sorting out the difficulties.

Oli played the part of one of the injured crewmembers and had an arm which had been severed leading to a catastrophic and life-threatening bleed.

Daz also played one of the injured crewmembers and also had a nasty injury, this time an open fracture of one of his arms.

It is clear that we are not only getting better at dealing with these sorts of injuries...we are also getting much better at making the scenarios realistic! (Amazing what can be done with a bottle of ketchup)!


Solent Sea kayak said...

Cool stuff - I had a good paddle off Calshot last night down to Lepe and was able to watch the Calshot crews and Coastguard Helicopter on exercise.

Unknown said...

Wow - those are spectacular looking fake wounds!