Thursday, 15 November 2007

Unlike any politician I've ever heard of

I'm going to admit that I was wrong. Despite my dedication to detail I had completely failed to notice that the MCA has swapped 'our' helo (WB) with the one from Lee on Solent (IJ). So now our local paraffin budgie is IJ! How exciting.

Apparently the reasoning behind the swap was that IJ is better at hovering that WB............I'm unsure why we should be blessed with the better hoverer but I'm not going to complain. Thanks to Paul Savage for pointing this out.

I also learnt something else new this week. Apparently our base station VHF in the crew room can receive all channels but only transmit on 0, 31 and 16...........I guess this is something that I ought to have known. I shall give myself a stern talking to. The reason for this is something to do with the licensing.

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