Wednesday, 28 November 2007


Tonight was our AGM. We have this every year. Obviously. In many ways it seems like the same year being repeated a number of times. You see, the same thing happens, again and again and again and again. Robin (our Chairman) stands and gives his speech. It's the same speech each year. Of course he changes the names and the numbers. But believe me, it's the same speech. Anne (Robin's wife and chairperson of the Guild) does the same. As does Neil Hardy (when he comes) and Martin. And us? Well, we sit and sip our pints and clap and laugh politely when required to.But of course, there is always a highlight. Each year we have someone from Headquarters along to fill us in on the latest initiative. This year we had the real pleasure of meeting Tamsin Thomas. She works in the Divisional base and takes charge of the Media and Public Relations (I think). She gave us a great talk about her work, and very interesting it was too.

I did have my suspicions though that she doesn't really approve of blogging. She mentioned 'Citizen Journalism' once and I don't think it was complimentary! I guess it's a bit of a worry for folk who are trying to put out a corporate message that there are idiots like me spouting out about whatever takes their fancy.Of course the real highlight of the evening was to watch our former crewmember Terry Pond receive his framed certificate of service. Terry has been on the crew for over 22 years but sadly suffered a stroke a year ago and has had to retire. He was an awesome character and in many ways formed the backbone of the crew. His certificate said it all:

Terence Frederick Pond
Served as a Helmsman and Crewmember of the Swanage Lifeboats
For 22 years and 4 months, during which period
the lifeboats rescued 248 lives from Shipwreck.
The council are glad to place this testimony
to his personal participation in the Lifeboat Service.


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Anonymous said...

Well done Terry for all your dedication to the RNLI and Swanage Lifeboat over the last 22 years, and to Liz for supporting you for so long. I hope your health continues to improve, and the memories of all those shouts we had together with the great laughs we have had will always be with me.

Dave Corben