Monday, 12 November 2007

Plastic Fantastic

Many is the occasion that we are tasked to attend a vessel in difficulty and we end up towing them. This is not really our primary purpose, however, it is often easier to persuade people that they should accept our help if we save their pride and joy at the same time.

This is not always as easy as it looks though. Many new boats have very little in the way of substantial attachment points. In days gone by most yachts would have a 'Sampson'post on their foredeck to which a tow rope could be attached. Modern yachts tend to have 'Cleats' and these are often very small, so small in fact that they are essentially useless as a point of attachment.

In the photo here Steve is trying to figure out how on earth he can attach our stout tow rope to a cleat which wouldn't look out of place on a mirror dinghy. He managed, but stayed on board and regularly checked the security of the attachment.

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