Tuesday, 13 November 2007

India Juliet

Our local Coastguard Rescue Helicopter is called 'Whiskey Bravo', so called because the last to letters of it's international call sign are W and B. She is based in Portland near the site of the now defunct Royal Naval airbase, HMS Osprey. So when we work with the Coastguard helicopter we are accustomed to seeing Whiskey Bravo hovering overhead. Unusually, this photo shows us working with 'India Juliet' which is based not at Portland but at the old Royal Navy airbase at Lee on Solent. Although they normally cover their own 'patch' they can be seen off their own area when tasking demands this or when they are covering another area due to maintenance. Between Solent and Portland there are 3 Coastguard Rescue Helicopters, two on duty and one in reserve at any one time.

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eurion said...

Nice image. Simple and effective.