Friday, 26 October 2007

Wisdom squared

Behind every operational Lifeboat station is a team of willing volunteers who tirelessly work to keep everything going. Perhaps the two most significant are the Chairman and the Lifeboat Operations Manager:Robin Tiller is our Chairman. He has filled this role for some years now and has been a steadying hand on the helm. His is the thankless task of replying to letters and smoothing the way for events like lifeboat week. By day he is an estate agent but one should not hold this against him. Despite this handicap he still manages to display supreme integrity and work selflessly for the cause.I have mentioned Neil Hardy before. He is the ultimate figure of authority to the crew......our Lifeboat Operations Manager. It is his responsibility to tame the beast that is the crew. For this he earns my unswerving respect.

Without people like these two the lifeboat service would simply fail to function. Thank you!

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