Wednesday, 3 October 2007


The pressure is now on. We are fully back into the exercise cycle and the crew are working hard towards their Competency Based Training Scheme (CoBT).

Each crewmember gets a training scheme which varies depending on what their position is onboard the boat (mechanic, coxswain, navigator, crewmember, 1st aider or probationer). Each key skill or bit of knowledge is set down in the training manual and every once in a while an assessor will visit and judge whether the standard has been met by each individual.

Rob, our second Coxswain and Training Co-ordinator has now deemed that everyone who has been on the crew for 2 or more years must have completed all assessments by Christmas. This seems reasonable. Nick pictured here has made good progress so far but must now get the last few parts signed off so that he can fully demonstrate his proficiency. Go for it!

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