Friday, 19 October 2007

Party time!

The next major event on the horizon (apart from the annual excitement of our AGM next month) will be our Christmas party (remember the photos from last year?) Well, change of location this year and perhaps a change of theme too. One option was black-tie but it was felt this would be too much of a challenge for some of our crew and guests so we are actively seeking the crew's opinion. One suggestion was a Bond theme.........perhaps the elusive Wenley would care to join us? Anyway.........look out for photos in due course!


Anonymous said...


I'd be happy to dispense advice the girls on the costumes. As a rule, cleavages ought to be substantial.
And for being elusive, except for acts of God or King's enemies, I intend to paddle Galicia sometime in 2008. My aim is to subsist solely on seafood and white wine, and then write about it.
The thing is that an Englishman is needed, though, to fish me out and make all this respectful.

lifeboatjohn said...

Galicia is sounding very enticing. Iwas thinking perhaps a trip out at Easter time. I have just recovered my paddles from Lendal where they have been turned into splits. Next job is to cut my boat in half........I will send you my term dates in due course.