Monday, 22 October 2007

Right time right place

I chose not to take part in yesterday's exercise as my wife Liz was away and I was trying to look after the kids and pack for a trip to Scotland. Half way through the exercise my pager went off. In this situation there is Little point responding as the boats are either at sea or at least fully crewed so I continued packing. And that's tough. To know that the boat is out there but not to know what it happening.

As it turns out a climber had fallen on the cliffs again and was suffering from a suspected spinal injury and various abrasions. 2 crew, Jon and Steve were put ashore in the 'x' boat followed soon after by Kev from the ILB and the casualty was stabilised and prepared for a lift into the waiting Coastguard Rescue Helicopter. Apparently conditions were tricky as in this particular location there are many large boulders at the base of the cliff making access awkward. As normal the casualty was whisked away to Dorchester hospital in 'Victor Alpha' and we will likely as not hear nothing further of them. Our thoughts are with the casualty and we are hoping for a speedy recovery.

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