Friday, 10 August 2007

When generations collide

Look carefully at this smashing photo (taken by Dave Corben this evening as we were waiting to launch on a shout) and you will spot the J.Reginald Corah in the background. She arrived yesterday evening skippered by Roger of course and looks to be in even better shape than last year. He certainly keeps a tight ship. As I was putting out to sea this evening to check my lobster pots I happened to spot him sitting on the bench outside of the angling club looking every bit as if he hadn't left since last year. Indeed, he has already done a handful of trips on our behalf. Welcome back Roger!

The shout this evening deserves a post all of it's own. Indeed, tired as I am perhaps I'll do just that.............something in the morning about what has to be the most weird and depressing shout ever.......a real window upon the human condition.


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