Sunday, 5 August 2007

Johnny foreigner

Well, sorry for the delay. I'm back from holiday now and seem to have taken a while to get back into the yoke so to speak. Somehow life gets so busy when there is nothing to do but enjoy yourself!

As you would imagine the Swedish maritime rescue organisation is extremely well organised. Meticulous you could say. Here for your interest is the Swedish version of Whiskey Bravo. A purposeful looking beast I think you will agree?

Life here in Swanage has been very busy. Carnival week has been a blur of activity as ever and has involved the crew a lot..........mainly our immensely keen but basically crap extreme team! Anyway. here I am, back in the hot seat and I promise more regular updates.........


Anonymous said...

Nice 2 c u back hope u had a nice holiday, Ps still like our own whiskey bravo!
Keep up with your grt work and chill 4 rest of school hols

Mart said...

Welcome back John. Hope you had a good break