Sunday, 12 August 2007

Spreading the word

So. Lifeboat week has started in earnest. My task today was to attend the local United Reform Church and give a talk about lifeboating and what it is like being on the Swanage crew. I have to say, I was honoured to invited by Christine Pulleyn and was made (with my family) to feel tremendously welcome. To be honest it surprised me. I had expected folk in a coastal town to be encouraging and interested in our work. However, I wasn't expecting quite the level of gratitude and support which I did get. My thanks to them all.

It was doubly a pleasure because our Coxswain's mother in law is a church elder there. It is always a pleasure to see Gloria.........someone who knows more that most what is expected of lifeboat crews. You see her husband Vic was the Coxswain of our boat for many years.

Furthermore I also had the pleasure to meet God's parents. No, not that God.......our LOM Neil Hardy. Both his Mother and Father were in the congregation and made a point of introducing themselves afterwards. To be honest I was slightly surprised, they didn't look old enough to be Neil's parents! Perhaps beards age you?

Anyway, once again thanks to you all at the URC for making me feel so welcome and appreciated.

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