Monday, 20 August 2007

It ain't over til it's over!

We have come to the end of our Lifeboat week and with this John is off on his travels once again (he does work occasionally so I am led to believe!), thus leaving another crew blogger at the reins!I can safely say that this last weekend was hectic and that all the crew are feeling slightly, well very jaded, as demonstrated here by John Deas!

Despite the somewhat pitiful weather we have had a fantastic time and our efforts have paid off. The raft race and build a boat competition on Saturday generated a crowd of onlookers braving the wind and rain.

Our open day on Sunday was also a great success. Although there were some last minute changes made to the running of the day owing to the weather, we still had an impressive assortment of demonstrations throughout the day...................

and were fortunate enough to have the Coastguard helicopter working with us for one of them.

However as the weekend drew on madness did at times set in for the crew...............yes that is snails they were ever so carefully collecting!Luckily it was nothing that could not be solved by a good nights sleep and the crew are now slipping back to normality................ well almost!
So we have completed another Lifeboat week until next year and earned a well deserved break, although it would seem the planning for the next one has already began with Martin brimming with new ideas, apparently next year we are doing Shakespeare?! Yet no sooner had we taken a bit of time to ourselves when the crew was called together once again, this time for a shout.

Monday 20th August 17:58

After a very successful, but shout free, Lifeboat week Portland Coastguard requested the launch of Swanage's All Weather Lifeboat to go to the assistance of a yacht in difficulties 1Nm East of Old Harry Rocks. Details were a little sketchy as the yacht's radio was not working correctly and they were unable to talk directly to Portland Coastguard. All communications were having to be passed through a nearby vessel. The Lifeboat launched and was alongside the yacht 8 minutes later. Crewman Steve Williams was put aboard to see what the situation was and assist the yacht's crew. The problem seemed to be that the yacht's engine wouldn't start and the crew were concerned about sailing in the increasing wind. A towline was passed across and because of the NE wind the yacht was taken in tow to Poole where they were berthed at Dolphin Haven Marina. The Lifeboat was then released to return to Swanage.

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