Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Wing Commander Williams

A general business in our lifeboating world has led to much posting about boats and shouts but little talk about people. Here to make amends is 'Wing Commander' Williams.........also known as Steve:

Wing-co is our Senior Helmsman on the ILB and a stickler for doing things right. By trade he is a software engineer (explains his attention to detail) and for fun he rides big motorbikes, sails large catamarans, kayaks, rides mountain bikes and takes part in adventure races. He also makes a habit of fathering boys. Another one of those people whose world spins slightly faster than the rest of us. He has perhaps also got slightly larger 'Cojones' than the rest of us?

Furthermore (and perhaps I ought not to tell you this) he is the only person I have ever know to crash into a police car, then drive away from the scene in a squeal of rubber, and then subsequently persuade the officers involved that it was all their fault and that indeed perhaps they ought to be apologising to him. And, I should mention, got away with it! Sir, we take our hats off to you.........

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