Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Testing testing

Being close to Poole we are frequently asked by them to trial and test the latest gadgets or pieces of kit. Often these end up being very good and as a bonus we often keep them so are one of the first to have something in the fleet.

A few years back these headphones were the latest thing on test. They are brilliant, worked fantastically, they allowed you to be within 100 metres or so and still be able to communicate with and hear anyone else wearing a pair, they are waterproof too. Fab. Only problem? Well honestly, look at them. They work but aren't usable. They must be the most bulky bit of communications kit ever produced. Wear them and you will have neck ache for weeks. Still........they look gucci hung up there on their rack.

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Unknown said...

Gucci kit.... nah, that looks a bit more like Tesco Own Brand :-)

These are Ben Sherman http://www.swatheadsets.com/submerssible/subfinalPDF.pdf

Particularly the "Submersible Boat Crew Headset"

These are Gucci


Bone transducers and throat mics!

All of them are far too expensive for mere mortals to buy!