Thursday, 12 April 2007

Heroes return?

Well we returned with the Robert Charles Brown yesterday evening........unfortunately all is not well as the slipway trials did not go well. Sadly she now has to return to the yard at headquarters to be looked at further. Just when we thought that we had her back, she's gone again. Like so much else in life I suppose.


Anonymous said...

oh no bless you. It must be frustrating, it will be worth it in the end. I suppose slipway trials are something that can only be tested with er, well, with a slipway really!! What's actually the problem? What do they change on a refit that could affect your boats performance on your slip?

lifeboatjohn said...

Hmm, bit of a shame really hey?

She originally went for refit due to problems we had launching, she had developed a habit of sticking on the slipway! Anyway, it turned out that basically the keel was worn out and bent and warped! So, during the refit she has had entirely new bilge keels and main keel fitted. It is not sure if the problem at this stage lies with the boat or the slip.......the suspision is the boat.

Last night she sounded rather like a circle line tube train clattering over the points!

Anonymous said...

Ah, wonley keels, never a good thing, at least I would imagine. Lol. Assumably if it was a slip problem then your relief boat would have issues on the slipway too?