Saturday, 14 April 2007

Latest news from Cowes

The latest news from the yard in Cowes is that the Robert Charles Brown's keel is indeed not straight. Dave, our mechanic, can explain this far better than can:

The keel being dead straight & dead flat is far more important on a slipway as the boat goes over a lot of rollers before getting to the sea and the weight of the boat needs to be evenly spread between them. Its not so important with a carriage as the boat pretty much floats off most of the time.

The news from Cowes is that the keel on our boat is 'hogged' (arched up) it would seem that its the back half of the keel causing the problem, its only about 4 or 5 mm but it makes all the difference. There's a lot of head scratching going on at the moment as to how it happened but more importantly how to fix it! Its not possible to just shave some metal off the keel as this would decrease the gap under the bilge keels and may cause them to bind . . a tricky one.

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Anonymous said...

Shame about the ongoing problems with RCB. Seems incredible that given the weight of the boat and the speed of the launch that it can actually stick. Have watched various boats launch over the years, going back to RLP in the sixties. Not a problem I have heard of before.
Great site by the way.