Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Who killed Bambi?

Look carefully in this picture and you can see a small Sika Deer being persuaded to get into our 'Ambulance Pouch' (polite name for a body bag/folding stretcher). Such is the diversity of lifeboat work, this is what our ILB crew found themselves doing on Saturday afternoon.

Now this is not what lifeboats are generally intended to be used for. However.......as a crew we like to help in these situations. Being a fairly helpful bunch we feel that if we can help alleviate suffering in animals then we are keen to do so. The added bonus is that it also saves members of the public 'having a go' and getting injured or even dead as so often can happen.

Furthermore, Phyll Clare, the benefactor who donated our boat in memory of her late husband, is also a keen animal lover and we know that she loves it when we help animals out.........naturally we like to keep her happy.

Here Ollie, Becky and Chad are moving into position to round her up.

Spot the Bambi!

Gentle pretty thing
Who only had one spring
You bravely faced the world
Ready for anything
I'm happy that you lived
For your life is mine
What have I except to cry
Spirit never die
Birds of the air
Beasts of the earth
Overjoyed at Bambi's birth they gambolled in the glade

(The Sex Pistols)

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