Wednesday, 10 February 2010


The totals for the SOS day are now in. Yesterday Robin sent this message around to us all. Good news!

Hi Dave

Here are the Totals for SOS Day:

Co-Op Bucket Collection £220.94
Soup & Sweet at Roman Catholic Hall £330.05
Soap Our Saloons £501.67

The Ship Inn Langton Matravers received donations from diners etc at the weekend amounting to £99.50 , this helped bolster our Grand Total to £1,152.16

This is a great result, only possible with the hard work so many gave to our fundraising for SOS Day and to the people of Swanage who supported our various events & gave generously.


On another note, I will be spending the next week in the North of the county but my mind will be on other things so Dave will be keeping things going here in my absence...cheers mate, look forward to reading about it!

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