Tuesday, 2 February 2010


So Friday was the annual RNLI SOS day. Over here in Swanage we had a collection outside the CO-OP on the Friday which raised £224 which got us off to a great start.

Car washing at Jewsons on the Saturday was once again a popular draw and raised over£500.

Sam was busy.

Even Jon Deer was spotted washing cars (more than could be said for me)!

For Dan, car washing junkie, it was his idea of heaven.

And then in the Catholic hall was the Soup and Sweet event which was also very well attended (though I've forgotten exactly how much was raised I do know it was several hundred and brought our total to very close to £1000)

Of course, the Glorious one was there holding the fort as ever!

Thanks for your support everyone...


Matthew Gibbons said...

Well done!
Though you seemed to be doing more 'snap our supporters' than car washing!

mannanan said...

Well done. What a fantastic amount. We here in Ramsey held a Sample-Our-Snacks event down the boathouse whilst the local radio presenters went Deeply Dippy going for a swim at each of the stations on the island. All in all we raised Just over £500 in Ramsey alone. Great day.