Friday, 21 November 2008


The RNLI passionately believes in spending money wisely and getting best value out of all purchases. A natural extension of this is that when items reach the end of their useful life with the RNLI they are disposed of in a way which generates income. Consequently, every couple of months an e-mail arrives in my in-box offering various boats/cars/engines for sale. Today's mail was all boats, mainly boarding boats of various types, but also including this inflatable dinghy:

Avon Commercial Inflatable Dinghies

(Non RNLI type, Y-Boat size) Engine not included

2 available at £250 boat only

Sale is based on buyer collection ex works from RNLI HQ Poole.

So, I've made a bid 'cause I need a tender for my motor-boat and it seems like good value.

And before you ask, these sales are open to RNLI employees and volunteers only so no, you can't buy anything. The reason? Presumably because the RNLI wants to avoid disputes or bad PR caused by selling old, worn out or potentially unreliable pieces of kit to the public!

Wish me luck...


Joe Crow said...

John, do these e-mails go to the LOM or is there somewhere at Poole I can contact? Great blog!

lifeboatjohn said...

Joe, it might vary slightly from station to station. They are e-mailed out by HQ. In our case our mechanic receives them then forwards them to the whole crew by e-mail (mind you, he's very efficient)!

I bought a 5hp outboard this way last year and was very pleased with it.

If you have no joy through your station e-mail me and I'll sort you out with a contact at HQ.