Thursday, 13 November 2008

Into the blue

So the boathouse floor is coming on.

This picture gives some idea of what it will look like. It's certainly much bluer than the old floor.

The guys spent time today doing the coving around the slipway pillars.

They also gave the whole floor a coat of primer and a light sprinkling of grit.

Cast my boat out to the ocean
And set it sails to the wind
Gentle breeze blowing into my heart
I'm alive in this gentle world
A life carefree
A life carefree

(Thanks to Dave again for the photo and Mary Black for the lyrics)

1 comment:

Mart said...

Looking at the first picture on this post and then the first pic on the post before this, I'd never noticed before, but do you have 2 removable rails to allow you to close the doors? I'd never really paid attention to it before now, but I can see now that your slipway leaves above floor height so to speak. I think all the others I have seen the slipway is level with the floor.