Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Questions, questions...

Here's another recent question:

Hi John
I was just wondering if all Lifeboat Coxswains can drive all classes of Boat or whether they are only allowed to drive there own class. You sometimes say that one of the crew brought a different class from Poole for exercise are all crews able to do this is they are based near a Lifeboat 'Depot'?

The answer is pretty simple really. No, Coxswains are not 'qualified' to drive all classes of lifeboat (though I have no doubt that they are capable of doing so). To be qualified to Cox a particular lifeboat it is necessary to go to sea in that class with an Inspector and be 'passed out' on that class (at least that is how my memory serves me....correct me if I am wrong someone).

So, are other crews able to borrow lifeboats and other craft from their local depot? Well, yes and no. Ultimately, if they can show a need, either training or PR, and have someone qualified to cox it, then the request would be looked on favourably I'm sure.

So how do we manage it? Well, our second Cox'n Rob works at HQ Poole. He is the Fleet Operations Manager (Lifeboat test-pilot to you and me) and as such is qualified to Cox every class of lifeboat in fleet. It is his job to take these boats to sea and use them on a daily basis. So when it fits in with our training or fundraising activities it is not uncommon for him to bring boats over from Poole.

Of course Odin, which we used in a recent exercise, is not a lifeboat at all but a test-bed for a variety of pieces of kit. As such it really is Rob's responsibility.


Anonymous said...

Hi John,
Do you shop local for you’re day to day consumables for example smaller items like first aid kit refills mechanic Dave’s nuts and bolts or has the RNLI a central stores you can draw from?
If you source locally do Lifeboat stations have a station fund to cover this cost?

Unknown said...

This is a fairly reflective occasion where our Chairman Robin Tiller, our Treasurer, our Coxswain and various others will spend time talking about the year gone past.

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