Monday, 24 November 2008

Maud Smith

It's not uncommon to find me staring at the walls of our boathouse looking kind of slack-jawed. And the reason for this isn't actually that I'm the village idiot, rather, that I'm drawn towards the history that abounds there.

One side of the boathouse is completely covered in large boards bearing the details of all the shouts undertaken by past lifeboats (and indeed present lifeboats) of Swanage. The other side and the back wall are covered almost in their entirety by picture frames containing crew photos, plaques and various awards, vellums, medal certificates and the like.

This is one of them, it refers to the 'Be Happy' shout on the 26th October 1996. This shout is legendary amongst the crew, not least because it was our last medal service. And all stations need a history like gives you a perspective and perhaps serves as a cautionary note?

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