Monday, 12 May 2008

In the words of.......

Bruce Lack, watch manager at Portland Coastguard: "Drink and stupidity played major parts in this incident with two young people in serious danger of losing their lives."

At about 3.30 on Sunday morning the crew were paged by Portland Coastguard and tasked to search for two young people who were thought to be in the water somewhere near Studland. In an apparently intoxicated state they had 'borrowed' a dinghy and taken to the sea with no means or propulsion or communication. People ashore could hear their cries but weren't sure exactly where they were.

Both boats launched rapidly and searched the area thoroughly. The ALB heard shouts and found the two casualties clinging to No.6 channel buoy. Their dinghy had overturned and they had been in the water for several hours. The ALB recovered them and then requested that an ambulance meet them at the Studland Ferry slipway on Sandbanks. While transporting the casualties to Sandbanks their condition deteriorated to the point where one of the casualties was losing consciousness. The two casualties were passed onto the ambulance and taken to Poole hospital where they were given the all clear and subsequently discharged into Police custody. They were later bailed.

I guess the moral of the story is................well, what do you think?


SandraRee said...

Don't drink and ride.

Thank goodness you found them, it could have gone so wrong for them.

It's a huge problem here in the states, the effects of alcohol when combined with sun, fatigue, wind and motion... boaters don't realize it's the same as drinking & driving maybe worse. What happens when you fall off the boat? Where can you go to get help? Your options are few.

Good job!

Anonymous said...

Don't steal a boat you don't know how to drive??

Seriously though, job well done by the sound of things!

eurion said...

Stay in the bar if you must fall in the drink.

Good job.

Anonymous said...

.... and I heard that the first aid was spot on, efficient and timely. Nice one guys - well done. Some of you were listening after all.........!!!