Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Idiot proof

I was recently asked whether I ever dropped my camera. Well, the truth is yes, I've dropped it many times. However, thankfully the camera I use on the boat most of time is one of these, a Pentax Optio W20.

Now reviews have not always been kind about this camera, however, when you are using it in harsh conditions and want something you don't have to take much care of then this is the camera for you. Indeed, it is so good that the RNLI provides one to every lifeboat in the fleet. A good recommendation!

I'm sure someone will correct me on this but to my knowledge we've never broken one either (which is pretty much a first)!


SandraRee said...

I believe you can take pictures underwater with this camera.

Eric J. said...

I've got a slightly older model - its just a WP - and I love it. It is sturdy, waterproof, and fits comfortably in my PFD. In three years of regular use for kayaking, snorkeling, and snow shoeing, the camera has never had any issues. I'm sure there are cameras out there that have more whiz-bang features or take better pictures, but my trusty Pentax is typically the only one that can take pictures in conditions.

lifeboatjohn said...

Sandra, it does indeed, I don't do this often but have on ocassion.

You're right Eric, it's superb. Most people's criticisms seem to focus on problems to do with colours and technical stuff which I have no understanding of. It certainly does an OK job of capturing orange and blue!