Friday, 23 May 2008

Dancing ledge

During the exercise on Wednesday we used the ILB to put some of the crew ashore at Dancing Ledge. This feature of our coast was carved out of the cliff by quarrying and is the largest of quarries along our patch. It is a great place for the ILB to practise landing and can in fact be landed upon due to its gently shelving slope.

It's also a generally fun place to be. There is a small swimming pool which was blasted from the rock ledge. At high tide it fills with fresh sea water and then warms during the day. Tom and Jo enjoyed a soak.

Chad found this small cave. It seemed to bring out his 'Hobbit' like qualities!

There's still a good deal of evidence of quarry work. Look at this photo and you can see where the rock has been shaped to give a smooth ride to the wheels of the carts carrying stone.

There are also lots of these square holes on the ledge. They were cut so that the wooden posts from which the whims (hoists or winders) were constructed could be fixed to the rock surface.

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SandraRee said...

Great pictures!