Friday, 30 May 2008

All quiet

around here for a week I'm afraid. Nothing much has been going on in the lifeboating world and I've been away (I forgot to sort out a guest blogger). Any ideas where I was?

Whilst I was away The Telegraph ran an RNLI piece which included photos of the Steedens and our boat, it also had a quote from the blog which was a pleasant surprise. Kayak blogger Wenley was kind enough to give it a mention too......good man!


SandraRee said...

Great article in the The Telegraph, "modest heroes" indeed. :)

DaveO said...

Excellent article. Its a great institution which I was first introduced to by a friend and supporter from Coventry. The comment that it would cost twice as much to run if the government was invovled is both accurate and telling. Keep up the great work.

Will said...

That would be Tantallon Castle and Bass Rock - nice part of the world.
(I put this up on Saturday but it somehow didn't get through)