Thursday, 17 September 2009

Rough weather launch

I never manage to feature many photos of ILB due to me now spending almost all of my time on the ALB. However, last night due to weather conditions we didn't launch the ALB so I was around to take a few snaps of the ILB boys (and girls) practising their rough weather launch and recovery techniques.

This is a tricky manoeuvre which requires precise timing and solid teamwork. Communication is tricky so it is vital that it is practised and that all members of the team share a common vision of what is trying to be achieved. Here the Helmsman is watching the waves and also maintaining contact with the winchman who will be ready to slip the rope at his command.

Once in the water the launch crew push the trolley deep enough so that the Helmsman can drive the boat purposefully off the trolley and through the first breaking wave.

Here the ILB has disappeared into the trough behind the first wave and only the masthead light is visible. Slightly un-nerving for any mothers watching, but all normal run of the mill stuff really!

And they're through, safely past the surf zone and heading out to sea. All that remains is to come back in and get safely back onto the trolley and dry land...

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Unknown said...

A great set of shots, you really get a feel of the action.
If you are ever too busy to take them just give me a shout, I would love to have a go.